Structural and Floristic Variations in an Atlantic Subtropical Rainforest in Southern Brazil


Floresta Ambient.




ABSTRACT The Atlantic Subtropical Rainforest covers a huge area of Santa Catarina state, starting on the coast and going through the Serra Geral. Along its distribution, the vegetation changes according to altitude, geomorphology, and soil. In the attempt to evaluate vegetation variations related to different soil types in an Atlantic Forest remnant, 43 plots of 200 m2 were sampled. All the individuals with DBH ≥ 5.0 cm were measured. We have found consistent floristic and structural variations, which separated sample plots with Litholic Neosol and Rogosol situated in slopes from those with Yellow-Red Ultisol and Haplic Cambisol, as well as plots with Fluvic Neosol from Haplic Gleisol in plateaus. Species richness increased according to water availability and soil depth, with the plateaus’ soils being the richest. Each area was characterized by a range of indicator species and the results indicated that soil attributes are important drivers of vegetation variation.

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