Storability of ‘Tupy’ and ‘Guarani’ blackberries in controlled atmosphere






ABSTRACT The aim of this work was to compare the storage potential of ‘Guarani’ and ‘Tupy’ blackberries in controlled atmosphere (CA) and thereafter to determinate the best CA storage conditions for ‘Tupy’ blackberries. Two experiments were carried out. In the first one, ‘Guarani’ and ‘Tupy’ blackberries were stored in CA condition (10 kPa O2 + 15 kPa CO2). We found that ‘Tupy’ blackberry has the best storage potential. Therefore, in the second experiment, several CA conditions were evaluated for ‘Tupy’ blackberries storage, as follows: [1] cold storage (CS): 20.9 kPa O2 + 0.04 kPa CO2; [2] CA with 10 kPa O2 + 15 kPa CO2; [3] CA with 5 kPa O2 + 15 kPa CO2; [4] CA with 10 kPa O2 + 10 kPa CO2. All treatments were stored at 1 °C and 98% (± 1) of relative humidity. The ‘Tupy’ blackberry, despite showing a significant decrease in ascorbic acid content, presented a higher storage potential than ‘Guarani’ blackberry, if stored at recommended CA condition for other cultivars. ‘Tupy’ blackberry stored at 5 kPa O2 + 15 kPa CO2 showed higher ascorbic acid content, soluble solids and titratable acidity as compared to the other storage conditions. In CA with 10 kPa O2 + 15 kPa CO2, the juice was lighter (high L), but differed significantly only from those fruit of CS. The best CA condition for ‘Tupy’ blackberries storage is 5 kPa O2 with 15 kPa CO2.

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