Standard operating procedure: implementation, critical analysis, and validation in the Audiology Department at CESTEH/Fiocruz






ABSTRACT Purpose Evaluate three standard operational procedures (SOPs), regarding the application of the brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP) test, implemented by the Audiology Department of the Center for Studies in Occupational Health and Human Ecology (CESTEH) through the application of a questionnaire and to verify whether the SOPs are effective and assess the necessity for improvement. Methods The study was conducted in three phases: in the first phase, eight speech-language pathologists and seven physicians, with no experience in BAEP, were instructed to read and perform each SOP, eventually all individuals evaluated the SOPs by responding to a questionnaire; in the second phase, the questionnaires were analyzed and the three SOP texts were reviewed; in the third phase, nine speech-language pathologists and six physicians, also with no experience in BAEP, read and re-evaluated the reviewed SOPs through a questionnaire. Results In the first phase, difficulties in understanding the texts were found, raising doubts about the procedures; however, every participant was able to perform the procedure as a whole. In the third phase, after the review, all individuals were able to perform the procedures appropriately and continuously without any doubts. Conclusion The assessment of the SOPs by questionnaires showed the need for adaptation in the texts. After the texts were reviewed according to the suggestions of the health professionals, it was possible to observe that the SOPs assisted in the execution of the task, which was conducted without any difficulties or doubts, being regarded effective and ensuring quality to the service offered.

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