Sport pedagogy : the didactic book as a partner on team sports learning / Pedagogia do esporte : o livro didatico como um mediador no processo de ensino e aprendizagem dos jogos esportivos coletivos




From the conception of Sport as a social-cultural phenomenon of multiple manifestations, this study has the objective of contributing for the process of education and learning in Team Sports, having as focus children and adolescents in environments of formal or non-formal education. For such, we consider the elaboration of a Didactic Book as a partner on Team Games learning in its practical aspects as theoreticians. Being thus, this study is organized at three parts: (1) conceptions about Sport; the contributions of Sport?s Pedagogy; Team Sports; and a look of contemporary Science on the treated subjects. (2) a conception about Didactic Book, bringing to the Physical Education knowledge not yet explored by the area that in subsidizes them and indicates procedures for the elaboration of a Didactic Book in Physical Education. Still in this chapter, we will deal with the importance and which the necessity of this type of pedagogical resource for the area, as well as the justification for opting to this resource and terms selected as content Sport Games. (3) In the expectation to advance in relation to other studies that deal with the Sport Games in infancy, we suggest in this chapter a didactic book on Sports with focus in the Games, with an adequate language to this public. For such, we will use the concept of Didactic Sequence, in order to select the contents and adequate form to the objectives of this didactic book, that converge in contributing to the understanding of the Sport Games on the part of children and adolescents who practice the same ones, considering in such a way its aspects technician-tacticians as social-educational


sport pedagogy pedagogia esportes didactic book material didatico team sports jogos em grupo

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