SOLVING THE BIDOMAIN EQUATIONS USING GRAPHICS PROCESSING UNITS / Solução das Equações do Bidomínio em Processadores Grácos




The computational modelling of the heart has shown to be a very useful tool in the functional bioinformatics eld. The models, becoming more realistic each day, provide a better understanding of the complex biophysical processes related to the electrical activity in the heart as in the case of cardiac arrhythmias. However, the increasing complexity of the models challenges high performance computing in many aspects. This work presents a cardiac simulator based on the bidomain equations that exploits the vectorial architecture of the graphics processing units (GPU). The initial results are promising. The use of the GPU has accelerated the cardiac simulator in about 6 times compared to the best performance obtained in a general purpose processor (CPU)


modelos matemáticos simulação de sistemas engenharia biomédica ciencia da computacao

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