Soluções aproximadas para algoritmos escaláveis de mineração de dados em domínios de dados complexos usando GPGPU / On approximate solutions to scalable data mining algorithms for complex data problems using GPGPU


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The increasing availability of data in diverse domains has created a necessity to develop techniques and methods to discover knowledge from huge volumes of complex data, motivating many research works in databases, data mining and information retrieval communities. Recent studies have suggested that searching in complex data is an interesting research field because many data mining tasks such as classification, clustering and motif discovery depend on nearest neighbor search algorithms. Thus, many deterministic approaches have been proposed to solve the nearest neighbor search problem in complex domains, aiming to reduce the effects of the well-known curse of dimensionality. On the other hand, probabilistic algorithms have been slightly explored. Recently, new techniques aim to reduce the computational cost relaxing the quality of the query results. Moreover, in large-scale problems, an approximate solution with a solid theoretical analysis seems to be more appropriate than an exact solution with a weak theoretical model. On the other hand, even though several exact and approximate solutions have been proposed, single CPU architectures impose limits on performance to deliver these kinds of solution. An approach to improve the runtime of data mining and information retrieval techniques by an order-of-magnitude is to employ emerging many-core architectures such as CUDA-enabled GPUs. In this work we present a massively parallel kNN query algorithm based on hashing and CUDA implementation. Our method, based on the LSH scheme, is an approximate method which queries high-dimensional datasets with sub-linear computational time. By using the massively parallel implementation we improve data mining tasks, specifically we create solutions for (soft) realtime time series motif discovery. Experimental studies on large real and synthetic datasets were carried out thanks to the highly CUDA parallel implementation. Our performance evaluation on GeForce GTX 470 GPU resulted in average runtime speedups of up to 7x on the state-of-art of similarity search and motif discovery solutions


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