Social work: communications and (In)visibility / Serviço social: comunicação e (in)visibilidade




This study deals with the Social Service visibility issue, which is processed through the communication this profession establishes with the society. Although communications are a basic component in professional performance, the Social Assistants training currently does not contemplate better qualification to understand and, consequently, take better advantage of the communicative processes in the daily professional activities and in the current context of our society which has been denominated as the Communications Era. As a historically constituted and instituted profession, that has a defined Ethical and Political project, Social Services potential in society has been poorly explored. Among the possible angles that could compose a reflection on the theme, an option was made to study the Communication and Visibility reference points, to carry out a few surveys regarding this issue in the professions internal ambit, and perform deeper research among Social Assistants about it. The results of the research project and studies brought the certainty that Communications, as a necessary mediation for a real and substantive Visibility of the profession, must be a priority for the Social Service teaching units and representative agencies


visibilidade social work visibility ethical and political project serviço social communications projeto ético político comunicação servico social aplicado

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