Sobre a ética, a política e a educação : reflexões para uma práxis pedagógica emancipadora diante de uma tradição patrimonialista




This paper presents the ethic, politician and educational issues focused on an analysis based on the patrimonialistic tradition, main characteristic of the Brazilian State’s formation. Using the bibliographical research and hermeneutics of the texts and authors studied, we tried to establish the influence of this formation to understand the actual educational process, the present moral constitution in our culture and the practical politics established until the present time. Following these perspectives, the problem itself is if there’s a possibility of an emancipatory education intrinsic to this patrimonialistic tradition? And even more, if it’s possible a formation of “non patrimonialistic” ethos for Brazilian society? The two firsts chapters discourse about ethic and its reasoning, also the politics and its unfoldings, as well the beginning of the State from Modernity to reflect on a pedagogical and emancipatory praxis besides this pratimonialistic tradition. Leaded by these considerations, the third chapter is a conclusion intending to search for the elements for an emancipatory pedagogical praxis from the quarrel of the social moral, initiate with the liberal English ideals and of the readings of Adorno and Paulo Freire, in the proposals of an emancipatory and liberating education, respectively. In the final analysis, we understand as possible the development of a pedagogical and emancipatory praxis, evidently without the pretension to absolute our considerations. We stand out that such condition, going further an utopia, can be real becoming the school a place of ethics and politics experience, in a process of humanization and democratization of the relations that leads to the awareness of citizens that history is a possibility and not inexorability, elucidating the contradictions and allowing the exercise of freedom in the confrontation with the proper differences and becoming.


educação - filosofia educação e estado política e educação education - philosophy education and state politics and education

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