Snack bars enriched with Spirulina for schoolchildren nutrition


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract The aim of this study was to develop snack bars nutritionally enriched with Spirulina and evaluate if there was acceptance of the sensorial attributes by schoolchildren. Snack bars enriched with Spirulina (2% and 6%) and a control formulation (0% Spirulina) were prepared. The samples were evaluated regarding nutritional content, microstructure, and sensorial characteristics. Furthermore, the study of stability during storage (30 days) was carried out. The addition of 2% and 6% of Spirulina provided a protein increase of 11.7% and 29.9%, respectively. The physicochemical and microbiological parameters remained stable during the storage of 30 days. Sensory evaluation showed that snack bars enriched with 6% Spirulina presented no significant difference (p > 0.05) compared to the control samples. We concluded that Spirulina can be used as a nutritive ingredient in snack bars designed for infant feeding without sensorial characteristics change.

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