Slag Evaluation to Reduce Energy Consumption and EAF Electrical Instability


Mat. Res.




In steel mills that operate with electric arc furnaces (EAF), it is interesting to ensure greater stability to the electric arc to aim at less distortion in the electrical system, with consequent reduction in electric power consumption. The slag foaming increases electric arc stability by reducing the total harmonic distortion (THD) between EAF phases. In this study, information about the chemical composition of the slag and electrical parameters of an EAF were collected. With the composition data, it was possible to determine the FeO and MgO content and basicity of the foamy slag which caused a reduction in THD and in electric power consumption. The effective viscosity of foaming slag was calculated and an increase in the effective viscosity provided a decrease in THD. A reduction of THD showed a decrease in the consumption of electric power in the EAF refining stage.

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