Sindicalismo e universidade : trabalho, ciencia e democracia na construção do movimento sindical nas universidades estaduais paulistas




This study presents the most important aspects of the trajectory of the growing union movement that is being built within the public univerties in the State of São Paulo. It is shown that this trajectory has been permeated both by the fiscal and political crises with which the Brazilian Nation has been contorted over the past two decades and by the university reform implemented in the 1970 s. With the promulgation of the Brazilian Constitution of 1988, and shortly thereafter the concession of autonomy to he state universities, new challenges have arisen for the movement. There is also a perceived need to respond to specific problems existing within the public sector s union movement and to interfere decisively in the attempt to better services rendered by the universities and to make the universities themselves more democratic. As basis for this work leaders and ex-leaders of this movement, as well as one employee ITom the central administration of one the universities were interviewed


sindicalismo serviço publico universidades e faculdades - são paulo (estado) sindicatos

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