Simvastatin and biphasic calcium phosphate affects bone formation in critical-sized rat calvarial defects


Acta Cir. Bras.




ABSTRACT PURPOSE: To investigate the effects of locally applied simvastatin plus biphasic calcium phosphate (BoneCeramic(r)) or collagen sponge on bone formation in critical-sized bone defects. METHODS: Thirty defects of 5mm in diameter were created bilaterally with a trephine bur in the calvariae of fifteen Wistar rats. The defects were divided into five groups: group 1 - control, no treatment; group 2 (BoneCeramic(r)); group 3 (BoneCeramic(r) + 0.1mg simvastatin); group 4 (collagen sponge); and group 5 (collagen sponge + 0.1mg simvastatin). After eight weeks the animals were euthanized and their calvariae were histologically processed. Hematoxylin and eosin-stained sections were subjected to histological and histomorphometrical analyses. The area of newly formed bone was calculated and compared between groups. RESULTS: The greater amount of a bone-like tissue was formed around the carrier in group 3 (BoneCeramic(r) + 0.1mg simvastatin) followed by group 2 (BoneCeramic(r)), and almost no bone was formed in the other groups. Group 3 was significantly different compared to group 2, and both groups were significantly different compared to the other groups. CONCLUSION: Simvastatin combined with BoneCeramic(r) induced significantly greater amounts of newly formed bone and has great potential for the healing of bone defects.

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