Simulação numérica de escoamentos multifásicos utilizando o sistema FreeFlow-2D. / Numerical simulation of multi-phase flows using the FreeFlow-2D system.




This work describes a method to expand the applicability of the system FreeFlow-2D in multi-phase flows problems. This method allows the simulation of incompressible free surface multi-phase flows. An arbitrary number of phases having different properties can be used. Surface and interface tension effects are also considered. The numerical technique is based on the GENSMAC (Generalized-Simplified-Marker-and-Cell) and it considers the properties varying according to the position of the interfaces in the flow. The velocity field is computed using the Navier-Stokes equations discretized by finite-difference on stagered grid. The method was implemented in three modules: the modeling module, the simulation module, and the visualization module. The validation was effected by comparing numerical results with analytical and experimental results. The method shown to be robust and computationally efficient in the problems considered.


free surface interface tension mnlti-phase flows superfície livre escoamento multifásico tensão interfacial

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