Simulação analogica de linhas de transmissão utilizando-se circuitos integrados




The main goal of this work was the development of a didatic tool, based on integrated circuits, for the analog simulation of transmission lines. The obtained results allow for a quantitative analysis of the currents and voltages along the line. Initially, a study of transmission line models were carried out. As the circuit was implemented with operational amplifiers based cells, this components and its basic configurations were also analysed. The basic idea of the circuit, was to simulate each transmission line equation by a suitable operational amplifier based circuit, in wich the mathematical relation between output and input voltages were the same of the equation being represented. The units of the quantities being represented were scaled to be compatible with the voltage levels present at the simulating circuit. To test the circuit, comparisons were made between circuit analysis, SPICE simulations and the results provided by the circuit for three real lines, a short, a medium and a long one, chosen from the ANDE/ITAIPU system. Good concordancy were achieved for all cases and the circuit has considered to have fulfilled the initial proposal of the project


circuitos integrados linhas de telecomunicação

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