SimATM : um ambiente para a simulação de redes ATM




This thesis describes SimA TM, an environment to A TM network simulation. The SimA TM is an application tailored to research, analysis and design of ATM networks developed in C++ for the Windows 95/NTTM operating system. The SimATM utilizes an event-driven simulation technique to achieve A TM simulation at cell leveI. The A TM networks architecture is modeled from the B-ISDN Protocol Reference Model andfrom the General Functional Architecture of an ATM Network Element. Four kinds of models were developed for SimATM: layer models, queueing system models, A TM equipment models and A TM application models. A description of simulator structure elements and developed models is provided in this thesis. Implementation details ofthese elements and models are also presented An example of ATM Network simulation is realized, and the obtained results are conjirmed by Little s Law. Finally, some conc/usions and suggestions for future works are presented


simulação (computadores digitais) rede digital de serviços integrados telecomunicações

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