Silva Alvarenga: representante das Luzes na América portuguesa / Silva Alvarenga: representative of the Enlightenment in portuguese America




This thesis tends to comprehend in which ways the poet and regal teacher Manuel Inácio da Silva Alvarenga (1749-1814) can be considered a representative of the Enlightment in Portuguese America. Silva Alvarenga, studying Canonic Law at Coimbra University between 1768 and 1776, experimented the period of the reformation of the university, projected by the Marquis of Pombal. After his return to Brazil, he became Rhetoric regal teacher at Rio de Janeiro, in 1782. He was the most active member of the Sociedade Literária do Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1786. In 1794, he went to prison, accompanied by other members of the Sociedade, accused of promoting the circulation of French ideas and conspiracy against the royal power and the catholic religion. Considering his academic background, his trajetory after his return to Brazil, the aspects of his poetic writings and the constitution of his private library one of the most important of the colonial period , the work tends to appraise in which ways Silva Alvarenga can be considered as a representative of the Enlightment in Portuguese America, aiming to understand which tendencies of the Enlightment can be seen in his trajetory.


bibliotecas período colonial colonial period manuel inácio da silva alvarenga (1749-1814) manuel inácio da silva alvarenga (1749-1814) private libraries academias luso- american enlightment ilustração luso-americana academies

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