Sexual function in women after proctocolectomy.


One hundred women who had undergone proctocolectomy with a continence-preserving procedure (50 Kock pouches, 50 ileoanal anastomoses) for ulcerative colitis or polyposis coli were interviewed regarding their preoperative and postoperative sexual function. Frequency of intercourse increased and the incidence of dyspareunia decreased after operation in both groups. Patients who had a Kock pouch had a greater incidence of persistent postoperative dyspareunia than patients who underwent an ileoanal procedure (38% vs. 18%, p less than 0.02). Only one patient in each group reported a postoperative disturbance in ability to achieve orgasm. Most women reported no change in their menstrual cycle, but patients with a Kock pouch had more episodic vaginal discharge than patients with an ileoanal anastomosis (18% vs. 0%, p less than 0.001). Postoperative fertility was minimally impaired. Overall, the majority of women in this study who underwent proctocolectomy for benign diseases experienced enhanced sexual function after operation, which they attributed mainly to improved health.

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