Serviços ancilares através da geração distribuíba : reserva de potência ativa e suporte de reativos / Ancillary services provide by distributed generation : active power reserves and reactive support




In order to set the principles for a future regulatory framework in Brazil which involves the participation of distributed generation (DG) to provide ancillary services; this work presents an analysis developed in three broad areas, technical, economic and regulatory. A specific objective of the project is to make an analysis of the use of the DG for the supply of active power reserves and reactive support. To achieve the objectives of this research it is necessary to develop three additional sections. The first part is a technical analysis done through the simulation of electrical systems on a permanent regime that uses the analysis of power flows. There are some advantages and technical limitations in the use of DG for the supply of active and reactive power. This part also presents the study on the provision of operating reserves with DG, and proposes a methodology to establish the level of DG, which can be installed without causing negative impacts on the network. In addition to this, this section shows the performance of DG and its impact in case of delivery of operating reserves, simulating some cases before possible disconnections of centralized generators. Finally, it lists different technologies that can be used in applications of DG provided with ancillary services. The second section is an economic analysis which is presented in the appropriate order that centralized and decentralized generators are made by the simulation of scenarios in electrical systems with optimal power flows. It is a quantification of the contribution of DG in the provision of reactive support. The analysis lists the regulatory aspects to be considered in a regulatory framework that enables the provision of ancillary services through the DG for the future market of electricity in Brazil. This work, therefore, conceptualizes a DG; specifies its applications highlighting their advantages, listing segments and potentially generating the key players involved in DG; outlines the technologies now available and those in the development process; shows generally, the legal and institutional force affecting DG; details the key barriers to their inclusion as an additional alternative in the provision of ancillary services as needed in the electrical systems


geração distribuída de energia elétrica potência reativa energia elétrica - abastecimento parametrização de reservas sobretensão distributed generation of electrical energy reactive power (electrical engineering) electrical energy parametrization reservations overvoltage

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