Sequências descritivas: uma proposta de atividades de leitura para o 9 ano do ensino fundamental




This dissertation is insered in the line of research ―Reading, writing and Portuguese Language teaching‖ of Post graduated Program of Studies in Portuguese Language of PUC/SP, and has for subject the study of guided reading by descriptive type and by descriptive sequence in different textual genders. It has as main objective to propose reading activities for 9 grade of basic teaching, we consider as fundamental principle theoretic referentials of Textual Linguistics, specially those considered about text and reading Koch (2002; 2006; 2007), Koch &Elias (2006; 2009), Koch &Travaglia (2008), Beaugrande (1997), Marcuschi (2008), Bentes (2005), Maingueneau (1996), Solé (1998), Moita Lopes (1996), Manguel (1997), Geraldi (2006) and Kleiman (1998; 2004) and about the descriptive as a type and as textual sequences Marquesi (2004 [1996]) and Adam (2008), besides words searched of guidance given by Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais (PCN). The work allows to clear the relevancy of reading by means of descriptive sequences in three textual genders informative, chronicle and fable and to propose the development of classes that enable the teacher to work with his students to reading not only the level of communicability of the text as well as the process of its coherence


lingua portuguesa leitura tipo descritivo sequências descritivas ensino de língua portuguesa reading descriptive type descriptive sequences portuguese language teaching

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