SequÃncia narrativa: narrativa ou script? um estudo da infraestrutura em produÃÃes textuais de 6Â ano / Narrative sequence: narrative or script? a study of textual productions of infrastructure in 6th grade


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This work aims at analyzing the text productions of the II level fundamental sixth grade, concerned to the genre of popular narratives. The approach given to the theme is based on Text Linguistics, emphasizing Adamâs (1992; 2008) narrative prototype and Bronckartâs (2007) sociodiscursive interactionism, particularly about the type of narrative discourse. The objective is to analyze the infrastructure of these texts, verifying the presence of the narrative sequence or of the script, as well as of the constructions with the following categories: verb tenses, temporal organizers and pronouns. This is a theoretical-practical research, which can be described as an almost experimental one, whose corpus is formed by forty-two (42) text productions, divided into initial production and final production. These text productions, which were done by workshops in the light of Schneuwly and Dolzâs (2004) didactic sequences, were collected in a period of three weeks, containing activities with the categories previously cited. We observed that a lot of productions were structured according to Adamâs (1992; 2008) narrative sequences. However, other texts presented only the script, according to Bronckart (2007), what can jeopardize the text infrastructure of narrative genres as we proposed to construct with these students of the sixth grade. We noticed that the students have the narrative structure internalized, but they can not distinguish the plot process from the script, producing texts which only enumerate actions. When they build them, they use the mentioned categories, prioritizing narrative verb tenses, although some of these situations appear to be wrong. The temporal organizers, which are the second category analyzed, have the function of an auxiliary of the verb tenses with the most frequent adverbial locutions. Referring to the pronouns, the constructions present anaphors which show the use of a language mechanism that avoids the repetition of text elements. This results in the constitution of a writing development process and an idea structure process by the students. We believe that this research consists in a theoretical reflection about the construction of narrative texts by students of the sixth grade. We hope to contribute to the importance of differing a narrative text from a script. The relevance of this research is defined by the comprehension of these categories to the text infrastructure, which help the students to product narrative genres, and the teachers to comprehend this process, valuing and helping the students in the narrative text production.


linguistica sequÃncia narrativa tipo de discurso narraÃÃo script tempos verbais organizadores temporais pronomes narrative sequence type of narrative discourse script verb tenses temporal organizers pronouns prosa escolar brasileira â fortaleza(ce). anÃlise do discurso narrativo lÃngua portuguesa â composiÃÃo e exercÃcios â estudo e ensino estudantes do ensino fundamental â fortaleza(ce) â linguagem.

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