Sentimentos e emoções: um estudo com professores e alunos de medicina veterinária




ABSTRACT The teaching profession in Veterinary Medicine is a field of research which has not been very much explored yet and it has not virtually considered the student and the professor of this course as a whole, taking into account the emotions, the cognition and the motor aspects. This reasearch was elaborated from these ascertains and from the importance given to the integrating approach as being essential in any education process. The proposal of this work is based on the premise that body movement can provide affection and cognitive changes in the person and influence their interpersonal relationships and the teaching-learning process. The research was carried in a Veterinary Medicine College and involved professors and students of this course. The stages were: applying a questionnaire to know the feelings and the emotions of the participants, in theoretical and practical lessons; selecting Bioenergetic exercises based on the results of the questionnaire and applying them to teachers and students; making two semistructured interviews, in an interval of six months between them, and finally having the organization, analysis and discussion of the data. The concepts and principles of the theory of Henri Wallon and the principles of the Bioenergetic were used as theoretical references to the analysis and the discussion. The body movement allowed the perception and the consciousness of the professors and the students about their emotions and feelings, and the changes that happened with them and also concerning the cognitive aspects, reflected over the interpersonal relationships and in the way of dealing with situations in general. Therefore it could be proved the integration of the aspects that form the individuals and the influence in the professor-student relation as well as in the teaching-learning process in the Veterinary Medicine course.


professores e alunos emotion processo ensino-aprendizagem veterinária - estudo e ensino teaching-learning process ensino superior análise da interação na educação psicologia do ensino e da aprendizagem afetividade veterinary medicine

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