Sensorial analysis of special coffees of the state of Minas Gerais / AnÃlise sensorial dos cafÃs especiais do estado de Minas Gerais




It is known that coffee quality is beginning to prove indispensable to the consumer who each day is more concerned with flavor, aroma, hygiene of the produce that he consumes, seeking a special coffee and that that quality is related with the cares with coffee, mainly as to the types of processing adopted by the coffee growers. In this context, the chief objective of the present work was to characterize sensorially different samples of coffees coming from several towns of Minas Gerais produced in two sorts of processing (dry and wet via) and two technological levels (entrepreneurial and household) and survey the tasters who took part. The work was performed over the period of October to December of 2004. 207 samples of coffee, protocolized and numbered, which were duly toasted and ground in the Polo de Tecnologia em Qualidade do Cafà da UFLA (UFLA Technology Pole in Coffee Quality) were utilized. Knowing of the subjectivity of the cup test, the sensorial analysis of the beverages of the coffees was done by tasters credentialed at the BSCA (Brazilian Association of Special Coffees) through the methodology of the score tables utilized in the contests of special coffees. By utilizing the multivariate analysis, the tasters with the features were associated , finding that the tasters were not biased with relation to the tasting of the samples, presenting uniformity in the results; only taster 3 presented tendentiousness relative to the feature body and remaining taste. Tasters 1,2 and 4 were regarded best in the sensorial analysis, since they not associated with any feature. From the association of the features with the sorts of processing and the technological levels, it was found that there are differences among the sorts of processing and the technological levels and that the dry via produced coffee at entrepreneurial technological level associates its beverage with sweetness and acidity. The wet via processed coffee at entrepreneurial technological level associates its beverage with flavor and clean beverage. Regardless of the sort of processing utilized by the coffee growers, when the coffee is produced in the household class presents coffees with varied characteristics relative to their features.


processamento qualidade quality cafà provador ciencia de alimentos processing prover coffee degustation degustaÃÃo

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