Selection of genotypes of peach rootstock resistant to Meloidogyne incognita


Revista Ceres




ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the genotypes developed by the Peach Breeding Program at the Federal University of Viçosa, as regards to resistance to M. incognita. Six rootstocks genotypes propagated by cuttings (713-07, 713-13, 913-3, 913-6, 913-11 and 913-17) and two rootstocks propagated by seeds (‘Okinawa’ and hybrid between scion cultivars Aurora 2 x Aurora 1), were evaluated. The experimental design was randomized block design with five replicates and one plant per experimental units. After establishing the plants in pot, maintained in a greenhouse, this were inoculated with 11.000 juveniles + eggs of M. incognita. Evaluations were performed at 140 days after inoculation. The roots were evaluated and the number of galls and egg mass in the roots were determined. The eggs were extracted from each plant for quantification and determination of the Reproduction Factor (RF) of the nematode. The peach genotypes 913-3, 913-6, 913-11, 913-17 and 713-7 showed an immune reaction to M. incognita. Genotype 713-13 showed susceptible reaction to M. incognita. The hybrid between scion cultivars Aurora 2 x Aurora 1 confirmed susceptible.

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