Segmentos Populares, Consumo e Participação Cultural




This study focuses on how culture can become a socio-economic and political resource for the low income segment of the population. Three handcraft groups and three groups of music artists were analysed, as well as representatives of government and non-government organizations have been interviewed. The conclusion is that culture can become a socio-economic and political resource when key factors are present: the groups can act colectively; the group leaders behave as entrepreneurs and articulate diversified social networks; partnerships are developed with government and non-government organizations. Also, the sustainability of the cultural undertakings depend on transversal public policies.


cultura: valor simbólico recurso econômico empreendedorismo cultural artesanato: produto cultural empreendimentos associativos música: mercado cultural produção cultural indústria cultural culture: symbolic value economic resource cultural entrepreneurship handcraft: cultural product productive associations music: cultural market cultural production cultural industries

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