Saúde mental na atenção básica: política, trabalho e subjetividade / Mental Health in Primary Care: political, labor and subjectivity, Mental Health in Primary


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The research aimed to understand relationships between work and subjectivity in mental health conducted in primary care teams with the workers, Mental Health / SM and Family Health / SF allocated to Basic Health Unit / Health Center. Developed the research, through documentary analysis of health policies and press conferences based on the Psychodynamics of Work. The researcher attended meetings of matrices, when it intends to support technical assistance of specialists to general practitioners of SF, and SF team meetings in three health centers of the Northeast Health District of Belo Horizonte. From the analysis performed, we highlight the contradictions of health policies: an overload of work with \ social suffering\ , the \ unhappy people\ , the \ poliqueixosos\ , the \ neurotic soft\ looking for UBS, for this, depending on the programs is \ entry door\ in the SUS. However, the Primary Care Network and the network of substitute services in mental health give priority to the \ severe and psychiatric crises.\ In assessing professional no shortage of \ units and teams. Boundaries that hinder the participation of the general meetings of the Family Health of matrices with the SM experts to give host \ mental health patients. The resonances in this work are diverse subjectivity of the workers, among which we highlight: the \ powerlessness\ against the\ social suffering \ which appears in UBS;\ insecurity and anxiety \ in relation to the demands of management and the\ host humanized \ and quantitative evaluation of tasks performed. The workers are involved in promoting mental health in primary care with very few resources. What enforces health policies for us Brazilians, like the universal principles of SUS: an integrated care, universal and equitable. Paradoxically, an analyzed the situation puts at risk the health of workers who are between anxiety, anxious and insecurities meet the growing and complex demands on mental health \ gateway to the SUS\ : the Center for Health


atenção primária à saúde labour mental health psicodinâmica psychodynamics saúde mental subjectivity subjetividade trabalho

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