Sacrificio cortoplacista adaptativo 2opt (SCA_2opt): Una heurística inspirada en el pensamiento sistémico






Outlining two novice heuristics for the symmetric TSP, inspired systemic thinking: Sacrifice short-term adaptive 2-opt (SCA2opt) and SCA_2opt_r. These arise from the systemic analysis of the rule of decision, nearest neighbour, identifying the archetype "Counterproductive solutions". SCA relies on that agent traveler, renounces at any given time immediately to a nearby city, and moves towards the second nearest available city. From there, it continues with the nearest neighbour rule. Each is the SCA (global search) operates a local search 2opt. Where as the binomial effectiveness and efficiency, the two new heuristics are shown promising in comparison multicriteria against 19 metaheuristics. It is evident that systemic thinking is a field of inspiration viable for the development of combinatorial optimization methods; emerging questions for future developments are expressed, enabling to continue to integrate elements of the classical optimization with the systemic thought; areas traditionally seen as antagonistic, but whose dialogue is favourable in this article.

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