Saberes da vida na noite : percepções de mulheres que prestam serviços sexuais sobre o educar-se nas relações com seus clientes.




This study had as objective to identify educational processes those are established in the relationship between prostitutes and their clients, and hat is stating point on the perception that those women has about the process. The dialog concept, writing by Paulo Freire orientated the way of collect and interpret the data on this study. These data was collected through three interviews made with seven prostitutes at nightclubs in São Carlos/SP. The analysis of the data discloses that, as well as in other social practical, in their relationship, prostitutes and their clients learn and teach each other. Some abilities as learning how to look at, to hear, to talk, to advice and to be humble are required from those women to broaden the understanding of their reality, not only at the nightclubs, but in all their lives.


dialogicidade prostituição processo educativo educação popular prostitution educacao educational processes dialog

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