RNA synthesis using a universal, base-stable allyl linker.


The application of a universal allyl linker, 9-O-(4,4'-dimethoxytrityl)-10-undecenoic acid, to the solid phase synthesis of RNA molecules is described. Use of this linker simplifies significantly the isolation and purification steps in RNA synthesis. The linker is universal in that it does not contain a nucleoside. The 3'terminal nucleoside is instead attached to the support in the first coupling step. The resultant RNA fragment is then obtained as the 3'-phosphate. The linker is base-stable, and thus all reagents used during deprotection can simply be washed away, leaving the RNA attached. Further, tritylated short fragments resulting from chain cleavage for any reason are also washed away before separation from the support. This linker is compatible with any current synthetic methodology and any amino functionalized support. Of course, silica supports would not be compatible with fluoride reagents. It could also be used to advantage for other applications. Because it is cleaved under conditions orthogonal to those used during many common reactions, the range of post-synthetic manipulations that can be carried out without cleavage from the support is extended significantly.

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