Risco de impacto ambiental do turismo no hidrossistema do Paraná, Região de Porto Rico, (PR)




The study area is a reach of the Paraná River along the border of Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul States, in the Porto Rico Town and Porto São José District (São Pedro do Paraná Town). The area has many and important ecological environments that became be explored by tourism especially after the construction of Porto Primavera Dam and presently is the main region economy. Tourism activity is developed in many alluvial plain environments and with activation of Projeto Costa Rica we believe that al all natural envivonments can be under risk. Through a new risk analysis methodology evolving the environmental fragility (Fr), type and intensity of tourism activity (vulnerability = V) and tourism seasonality (Fq) it was possible to determine the risk of each environment (R) according to equacion: R = (Fr + V)Fq It was observed that risk in the area ranges from low-median (4.5) to high (10) at 1 to 12 scale. We suggested that this methodology should be used to all localities of Projeto Costa Rica for truism and environment management.


eco-tourism geomorfologia fluvial fluvial ecology desenvolvimento sustentável tourism geociencias fluvial geomorphology rio paraná ecologia fluvial turismo sustainable development ecoturismo paraná river

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