Revista Apuntes para el Trabajo Social: una mirada a las mujeres intelectuales de las ONG y la generación de conocimiento sobre lo femenino-popular en Chile, 1980-1989






ABSTRACT The following article aims to give an account of how a group of social workers linked to various NGOs during the chilean’s dictatorship, they built, on the one hand, knowledge about their field of expertise, and on the other, on the conditions of the popular women. Based on these reflections and debate that were installed in the magazine Notes for the work Social, belonging to the collective of Social work, these women stressed cultural models of gender force installing the theme in the political agenda of the sectors of the opposition to the dictatorship. Of this way, the study of the praxis of these intellectual of them movements of women is returns relevant in the measure that us delivery signs from where can understand them transformations cultural of the world popular from them relations of gender.

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