Reuso de agua de processo industrial : uma proposta para o setor textil




The present work describes several sections of a textile industry, seeking to give better understanding of as they are generated its wastewater. It presents results of biological treatment followed by physical-chemist system, of that industry type, with the indication of the quality obtained for the partial and final effluents. The biological system for the sequencing bath reacors is used as first part of the treatment of the wastewater, developed by the biological reactor in pilot scale, having been obtained results of the order of 98% of removal of DBO. The physical-chemical system, for the coagulation- flocculation process, was used to treat the clarified effluent of the biological treatment. The results obtained through the samples submitted to that procedure, for the parameters Color, Turbidity, Hardness, Fe and Mn, showed to be possible to obtain an effluent within the limits of having established for EPA (1974), for process water. Dyeing tests were accomplished with the samples of the clarified of the chemical-physical treatment, after filtration in paper whatman 40 and it could be verified that the final quality of the dyeing material, didn t have any distinction in relation to the other material dyeing, using process water normally used. Those data indicate the reuse and / or recycling possibility, after filtration adding to the studied process. Also, the results of this work can indicate for this industry type, that referred them limits can be even having reviewed


aguas residuais industria textil agua - reutilização aguas residuais - purificação - processo de lodo ativado

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