Retrato e auto-retrato na obra de Egas Francisco / Portrait and self-portrait in the work of Egas Francisco




Egas Francisco is painter for over fifty years. He has held up over the years with the money he receives from the sale of his works and art classes, which sometimes helped him to survive. It is not the purpose of this study fit all the pieces of the huge puzzle that is the life of an artist. Anyone who has played this game knows he has shares more colorful and bright, easy to assemble and other monochromatic and dark parts, which may leave almost crazy those who are mounting. The task here is only to start assembling the parts that are scattered on the table. We began with the easy part: portraits and self portraits. We will make reflections on this genre of painting which pleases both Egas Francisco accomplish. We have neither the intention nor the pretension to exhaust the subject. For now we just want bring some light and generate new questions and challenges about this subject


auto-retratos retratos portrait self-portrait

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