Ressuscitação cardiorrespiratoria : uma analise do processo ensino/aprendizagem nas universidades publicas estaduais paulistas




From a variety of situations experienced in the emergency hospital environment, the cardiac arrest can be understood as the one of highest risk due to the consequence that it can bring to the people life. At this moment, the nurse s decision making is essencial: to the garantee the basic life support and to coordenate the nurse team. It means that we need to rethink how the undergraduate student is prepared for this practice. This study had the objective to verify what are the teaching topic about cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in the undergraduate nursing course, as well as doing an analysis of the teaching strategies of these topics. Other objective was to verify the undergraduate student s knowledge about cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary ressuscitation. The subject of the study were undergraduate student and faculty member from four public university in the São Paulo State. The data were collected through two questionnaire,one about CPR knowledge and other about the teaching strategy. The results of this study showed that the undergraduate student had difficult to remember the topic learned during the course, specially the topic related to scientific knowledge in which they need to making decision about CPR. Desfibrillation, drugs and ventilation in these situations of cardiac arrest, are the contents in which the students face up most difficulties. In relation to the teaching strategies used by the faculty member among the schools, the transmission of the knowledge is still the strategy most used by them. The undergraduate student also expressed unsatisfaction with this strategy. When compared the undergraduate student grade about CPR among the schools, the undergraduate student from the school A and B had the highest grade. This study conclude that the undergraduate student showed difficulties to learn the basic kowledge about CPR and they bring these difficulties to their job, resulting in a distance between the knowledge learned during their course and their practice. As a result, from this moment, there are a need to reflect about the teaching strategies used by the facult member, making us rethinking about the practice learned by these students.


enfermagem ensino superior ressuscitação cardiopulmonar

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