Responsabilidade social : a gestão do programa Adolescente Aprendiz na Caixa Econômica Federal / Social Responsability: management of programa Adolescente Aprendiz (teenage apprentice program) in Caixa Econômica Federal




The general purpose of the present study is the evaluation of CAIXA ECONÔMICA FEDERALs Programa Adolescente Aprendiz, from both the Teenagers and Instructors points of view. The study approaches corporate social responsibility concerning the mentioned program, that is, focusing on matters such as unemployment and workforce-entry conditions for young people originated from low-income families. The technical procedure of the research was case study, in a quali-quantitative approach. The research was performed in two parts: the first one a bibliographical study, of an exploratory nature, and the second one a field research, proceeded by the means of two questionnaires answered by the main actors of the program: the apprentices and the instructors. The result of the survey, confronted with the information from the theoretical studies, made it possible to assert that the investigated company, though coping with day-to-day problems, has been trying to incorporate the model of management with social responsibility in its chain of relationships, especially in relation to the commitment undertook in its strategic planning, of supporting projects of employment generation and to enhance employability skills in the community it relates to. As an overview, it is possible to say that the evaluation made by the teenagers and instructors was very positive, in the sense that the participation in the Program develops employability skills and facilitates future workforce-entry.


employability social responsibility administracao de empresas emprego responsabilidade social

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