Responsabilidade civil no estado democrático de direito: a tutela dos interesses transindividuais diante da revolução biotecnológica




The present research work aims the civil responsibility analysis inside the democratic state of right in the presence of the challenge to tutor the transindividual interests, especially after the biotecnological revolution. In the area of concentration of Right Economic and Ambient Partner, will accost the legal consequences from the biotecnological revolution and its impacts upon the domains in the presence of the challenge to tutorial the transindividual interests upon the democratic state of right. In the research line Society and Right the investigation will be accomplished starting from the state of right until the democratic state of right which can be verified a growing consolidation of brand new right that transcend the individual sphere. In the conjecture the legal orderliness incorporates norms that tutorial collective and spreaded transindividual interests, which means, that these interests will answer for protecting collectivities, including the generations to come. In the presence of some unique characteristics of transindividual interests, the transindividual interests damages reclaim differentiated legal treatment from those which were caused to a single person, this fact motivates the investigation of other passage from reparation to prevention of damages, which gains relevance especially before the uncertainties born from biotecnological revolution. the materialization of preventive action appear as an instrument of materialization of the human dignity of the tutorial perspective of democratic state of right before the innovations from the Biotecnological Revolution.


direito constitucional direito democracia estado de direito direitos civis direitos humanos

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