Respiração oral : proposta de um novo instrumento para avaliação do modo respiratorio




The present study evaluated 475 children aged 4 to 6 and 11 month with the objective of analyzing ifthe "Oral-Nasal Mirror", idealized by the author ofthis work, is a capable tool to contribute to better evaluate the studied population sample breath way as well as analyze the association between the obtained results using the "Oral-Nasal Mirror" and the clínical observation regarding lips resting, tongue and jaw postures. Finally, the works also intend to compare prevalence of children with oral-nose and oral breathing between the two methods applied on the population sample. Afier analyzing the obtained results, the conclusion was that "Oral-Nasal Mirror" is a capable tool, which can contribute to diagnostic breathing disturbs. A meaningful association between the clínical results regarding to semi-opened lips and lowered jaw and the obtained ones utilizing the "Oral-Nasal Mirror". We can conclude that the tool improves the predictable amount and the accurate of the breathing diagnostic way when compared to the clínic results of semi-opened lips posture. Finally, the prevalence of oraVoral-nasal breathing obtained through the lips functional evaluation was distinct to the reached one utilizing the "Oral-Nasal Mirror"


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