Resonant transducers for spherical gravitational wave detectors


Brazilian Journal of Physics




"Mario Schenberg" is a spherical gravitational wave (GW) detector that will be part of a GW detection array of two detectors. Another one is been built in The Netherlands. Spherical gravitational wave detector is a resonant-mass detector, which signal comes when the GW passes through and causes vibrations in a spherical mass. The resonant frequencies of this array will be around 3.2 kHz with a bandwidth of about 200 Hz. This range of frequencies is new in a field where the typical frequencies lay below 1 kHz, making the transducer development some more complex. In this work we made a series of fine element studies in sphere coupled to a resonant mushroom shape resonator that will work as a mechanical impedance matcher between the sphere and the transducer. We describe the search for a shape in the impedance matcher that will improve the performance of the detector.

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