Resistencia a compressão de paredes de alvenaria estrutural, com blocos assentados com argamassa plena e longitudinal




The two main aims of this work are to verify and analyze the reduction of the compressive strength of structural masonry walls, when the blocks are laid with mortar only in the outside faces of the block (face shell bedding). These verifications and analysis are important because, although the Brazilian code NBR 8798 (1985) still specifies that the entire block surface must be bonded (full mortar bedding), in Brazil the most used type of bedding is the face shell bedding. Besides, these verifications are important because we notice that the face shell bedding is used in the richest countries. In order to find the magnitude of this reduction and to understand the collapse of the two types of bedding, 14 days old specimens of blocks, prisms and wallettes of one meter height were tested, with face shell and full mortar bedding. All the tests were carried out with concrete and ceramic structural blocks. After realize the handicaps of the Brazilian prisms, mainly that ones bonded whit face shell bedding, the last aim of this work is to propose a new model of prisms, to be used in laboratory tests


concrete blocks mortar construção civil mortar bedding face shell bedding blocos de concreto argamassa ceramic blocks structural masonry alvenaria

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