Resin Cements: Tissular response in dogs´teeth / Cimentos resinosos: resposta tecidual em dentes de cães




This study evaluated the radiologic and microscopic response of pulp and periradicular tissues after the application of resin cements Rely X® Unicem (3M ESPE Produtos dentários Sumaré - Brasil) and Multilink® (Ivoclar Vivadent Ltda - São Paulo - Brasil) in deep cavities in dogsteeth. STUDY DESIGN: The second and third maxillary premolars and the second, third, and fourth mandibular premolars of 6 dogs of both genders aged 12-18 months and weighing 8-10 kg were used. Sixty teeth of 6 dogs were assigned to 8 groups according to the material tested. Class V cavities were prepared on the buccal surface of each tooth and the material wa placed in the cavity floor. In group I and V: Rely X® Unicem; group II and VI: Multilink®; group III and VII: zinc phosphate cement (control negative); group IV and VIII: gutta-percha (control positive). In every experimental group after the application of the materials tested, each preparation was restored with amalgam. In groups I, II, III and IV, the dogs were euthanized 10 days after the procedure, in groups V, VI, VII, and VIII after 90 days. The specimens were removed and processed for histopathologic and radiologic analysis. RESULTS: All experimental groups presented the same histopathologic result which showed normal apical and periapical tissues in 100% of the cases. CONCLUSION: According to the methodology, and the result of this study, RelyX® Unicem and Multilink® resin cements can be used as dental luting cements for indirect restorations.


resposta pulpar e periapical tissular response cimentação adesiva pulp and periapical response resin cements adhesive cementation cimentos resinosos resposta tecidual

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