Resfriamento do piso da maternidade para porcas em lactação no verão / Floor cooling in farrowing room to lactating sows in the summer




This study was realized to evaluate the effect of cooling the cage floor under the lactating sows on productive performance receiving different amounts of feed in the summer. Forty two sows with different parturition orders were used (1 to 5), distributed in three treatments (floor not cooled and free intake; floor cooled and 5,5 kg/day of intake; floor cooled and free intake), in a completely randomized experimental block design, with 14 repetitions, being each animal considered an experimental unit. The animals were distributed in treatments considering the order of parturition and body weight. The sows were in experiment during 21 days. Duringthis period received the same food and the water ad libitum. The data of the temperature of dry bulb, humidity bulb and black globe were registered in the experimental period and converted in to the index of temperature of black globe and humidity (ITGU), which was used to characterize the thermal environment in which the sows were maintained. The sows were maintained in cage with cooled floor and received food ad libitum showed larger feed intake, metabolizable energy and digestible lysine. The animals maintained in cooled floor and received restricted food showed larger mobilization of body reserves. The period to return estrus to was larger in the same animals. The piglets of sows that maintained in cooled floor showed larger weight at weaning and weight gain per day. Cooling floor too affect the physiologic parameters, with the animals submitted to the cooled floor presenting smaller values in respiratory frequency, rectal temperature and superficial temperatures. The cooling the cage floor under the lactating sows, favors the dissipation of heat, improves the thermal condition, the capacity of feed intake and productive performance of lactating sows in the summer.


bioclimatologia produção animal suinocultura desempenho reproducao animal bioclimatology livestock swine performance

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