Research practice and bibliographic information mapping supported by technological resources: impact on teacher education / A prática da pesquisa e mapeamento informacional bibliográfico apoiados por recursos tecnológicos: impactos na formação de professores




This work, was carried out from 2004 to 2008, it reports our research in accordance with an approach of action research, collaborative, qualitative and dialectical-critical. We analyze how the research and the bibliographic mapping, supported by Information and Communication Technologies can be used as a strategy for organizing information in the education of teachers. One of the challenges, to conduct research using contemporary technologies, is the building of strategies to develop skills such as knowledge on how to access bibliographic information and organizing it. However, the sole access of that information does not guarantee by itself the building of knowledge. Considering such challenges, we introduced foundations of related basis of education, Information and Communication Technologies in the Information Architecture. We socialized our lived experiences on Nucleus of Youth and Adult Education and Faculty of Education of Teachers of USP (NEA), in Search Alpha Group, in Symposium of Scientific Initiation USP (SIICUSP), in Didactics of the School of Education at USP, in Discipline Distance Education of Faculty of Education at USP, Web Seminar on Curriculum in the Statistical Yearbook Brazilian Distance Education (ABRAEAD), in the article "Mapping of informational flows in the initiation of teachers scientifically" and in "Bibliometrics aspects in Distance Education. As a result, we presented how the educational use of Information and Communication Technologies brought significant contribution to the mobilization and record of teaching practice and collective socialization of learning related to bibliographic search and mapping information, and helped qualify the reflection affect on the practice of teacher, strengthening the critical spirit, the same active and copyright necessary to the teaching profession. We observed that the work of research of information flow supported by technological resources is a complex process of organization; it takes time until fully incorporated. However, it seems essential to invest in such activities to contribute to the quality of teacher training and research, providing autonomy in the search, selection and organization of bibliographic information, expanding the repertoire educational and scientific projects through collective collaboration and cooperation.


bibliometria communication and information technology methodology of scientific research formação de professores mapeamento bibliográfico teacher training metodologia da pesquisa científica bibliographical mapping bibliometrics tecnologias da informação e comunicação

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