Representações e percepções sobre ambiente e conservação como subsídio ao Gerenciamento Costeiro Integrado: estudo de caso com grupos sociais da região de Cananéia, litoral sul do Estado de São Paulo / Representations and perceptions about environment and conservation as a subsidy to Integrated Coastal Management: case study with social groups from Cananéia region, São Paulo State, Brazil


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) requires dialogue between different interests and social participation in decision-making is an important principle. However, the actions of individuals and groups are not based on a single objective reality, but in different ways of perceiving the world. Conflicts are generated when decision-making is done by one-sided view of a few segments of society, rather than different understandings based on the experience of places. This study investigated the variability and the meanings of different ways of perceiving and representing the environment that exist between different social groups, also addressing perceptions of protected areas and the sense of responsibility for conservation. The Cananéia region was taken as a case study because of its high relevance to conservation. The methodology of interviewing was adopted and conducted with different social groups. Their perceptions and representations revealed that in this region, despite the cultural and environmental wealth, several environmental conflicts take place, making it subject to threats. Studies of perception and social representations give a deeper understanding of the meanings attributed to places and territory, valuable information that can help the ICM to make decisions with better quality.


cananéia sp. comunidades tradicionais conservação ambiental gerenciamento costeiro integrado integrated coastal management; environmental perception; social representations; traditional communi percepção ambiental representações sociais

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