Representação ambiental de alunos do ensino fundamental. Implantação da agenda 21 em escola pública municipal de Batatais/SP.




This study verified the representation of environment and environmental damages by the students from three different elementary schools in Batatais/SP. The research was taken through a questionary, and the result showed that most part of the students did not include the human being as an element of the environment. In a generic way, the most cited environmental damage, as well as the most perceived, according to the place, was the one relating to deforestation and forest fire activities.The great number of students realize the effect of this occurrence in their health and in the air, and the main actions suggested by them to the population are the ones related to right garbage destination and trees plantation. The book, the teacher and the television appear as the principal environmental sources and the people are pointed out as the most responsible ones for these damages; at the same time they lay the responsability on the government for the resolution of this problem. The implantation of Agenda 21 in a public school in basic education in Batatais/SP was evaluated. For this purpose, a socio-environmental diagnosis of a school was elaborated. The development of this Agenda 21 was conducted according to partnership principles, dialogue and consesus, suggested by this document, stimulating the capacity of observing, thinking and acting of the students and teachers, arousing self critical judgement, contributing to active citzenship practice, acting on the environment conservation.


ecologia agenda 21 percepção ambiental educação ambiental

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