Renewable energy sources : competitiviness and participation in expansion of brazilian electricity market / Fontes renovaveis de energia eletrica : competitividade e participação na expansão do parque gerador brasileiro




The purpose of this study is to explore the ways of expansion of generation in the Brazilian electricity sector. With an economic evaluation of different options for selected projects through the simulation of Rates of balance, this study aims to analyze the competitiveness of renewable generation in the Brazilian electricity market and the impact of the development of concepts of environmental economics and putting these concepts into practice by amending the existing legislation. Through a search specialists are raised with the data necessary to produce economic and financial models of each individual source. The results of the research show that renewable sources must maintain high participation in the expansion of the system, and the new paradigm environmental superiority that should raise even more


recursos naturais renovaveis projetos - avaliação renewable energy sources electricity generation energia eletrica - produção projects evaluation

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