Rendimiento académico e interacción sociocognitiva de estudiantes en un entorno virtual


Educ. Pesqui.




Abstract This study aimed to analyze academic achievement associated with characteristics of sociocognitive interaction in a virtual environment in a blended learning university course. We performed a multi-method design based on ecological observations challenging the traditional measures of academic performance. We analyzed the number of clicks in different environment areas, written messages in forums, responses to a questionnaire about habits and opinions, and grades in regular examinations. The three analyses performed were: (i) relationship between platform use and academic grades, opinions and habits; (ii) student profiles with class analysis in relation to the previous variables; (iii) characteristics of messages written by five students with high and low academic performance. The results showed: (1) significant differences in grades and the pleasure to use the platform; (2) three different classes of platform use – low, medium and high use – with different preferences regarding resources, pleasure to use, among others; (3) significant differences in the content of messages, especially in non-cognitive aspects.

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