Remediated theatrality landscape: a reflection from Play on Earth / Panorama da teatralidade remidiada: uma reflexão a partir de Play on Earth




This research draws a contemporary landscape of scenic productions that use recent information and communication technologies in order to develop new aesthetical proposals and, from them, amplify their potentials in terms of content, sensoriality and creativity. In this way, the investigation takes the Play on Earth series as starting point, performed in two phases. The first one, a namesake drama, connected in 2006 – in the same creative process and public presentations – three groups from different countries: Brazil (Phila7), England (Station House Opera) and Singapore (Theatre Works). Two years later, the show What’s Wrong with the World gave sequence to the project unifying again the Brazilian and English companies that worked in the precedent play. In the project, the most important point is the development of both spectacles by using real-time Internet connection in order to link the participant groups since de first rehearsals up to the exhibition to the spectators. This live and networked union brings some impacts that are common to the contemporary stage works and highlights the important role of communication in these creative processes. Thus, the research intends to update this context and establish conceptual limits that contribute to the creation of parameters and benchmarks around the theme. Exploratory, based on interviews with those involved in the project, literature review of similar initiatives and studies of the documentary shows, the research - from a post-structuralist approach guided mainly in the visions of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari - deconstructs the object to then identify points of intersection and difference to the current setting of stage productions. Basically, the research holds up the concept of remediation, approached by Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin, establishing dialogues with the machinic assemblages of Guattari and cybridism - interconnection between spaces on and offline - studied by Giselle Beiguelman. As a result, large points are identified guiding the confluence of art, technology and performance as well as giving concrete examples of this scenario in several layers of analysis involving the language of drama throughout the process of creation


comunicacao phila 7 (grupo teatral) play on earth (peca teatral) comunicacao -- inovacoes tecnologicas performing arts tecnologia artes cenicas -- inovacoes tecnologicas communication arte e tecnologia technology theatrality teatralidade

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