Relatos de experiencia, saber pedagógico y reconstrucción de la memoria escolar


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The article explores the methodological, theoretical and political potentialities of the narrative documentation of pedagogical experiences as an instrument of educational action research among teachers and as a modality of collaborative work orientated to the reconstruction of the pedagogical memory of the school and to the educational change. Thus, it proposes a pedagogical view of the schools, the teachers and the curriculum, connects in theoretical terms the teacher's narrative, the pedagogical memory and the curriculum in action, presents arguments in favor of the drawing of alternative forms of pedagogical documentation to the dominant ones, shows the statements of pedagogical experiences as another way of naming the school world, asks and identifies critical potentialities of strategy, puts in consideration a wide definition of pedagogical knowledge and imagines some intellectual and political implications of the diffusion of these alternative modalities to produce pedagogical knowledge, formation in pairs and political intervention in the pedagogic field.

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