Rehabilitation analysis of the water distribution networks by multiobjective genetic algorithms / Análise de reabilitação de redes de distribuição de água para abastecimento via algoritmos genéticos multiobjetivo




Recognizing the importance of water as a limited natural resource and considering the prospect of continued population growth, it is important to investigate water distribution systems which are common to all urban infrastructures. Planning of the water distribution network rehabilitation becomes additionally important given economic constraints and operational behavior these systems which modifies in time due to deterioration of water networks. The present work is an effort to consider the multiple objectives in the water network rehabilitation analyses. Four objectives were considered: cost minimization, benefit maximization, leakage minimization and reliability maximization. In addition, it presents some contributions to multiobjective optimization methodology by genetic algorithms, offering an improvement of Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm (MOGA). A detailed investigation is conducted on genetic operators (recombination and mutation) comparing some existing multiobjective optimization methods (Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm - MOGA, Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm - NSGA, Strength Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm - SPEA and Elitist Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm - NSGA II). As regards the hydraulic analysis, this work introduces both leakages and pressure dependent demands in the simulations, providing a more realistic representation of actual field situations. The present study employs hypothetical networks and a real network obtaining satisfactory solutions. Further, dynamic programming concept is also incorporated into the multiobjective optimization framework.


algoritmos genéticos genetic algorithms redes de distribuição de água análise de reabilitação otimização multiobjetivo rehabilitation analysis water distribution networks multiobjective optimization

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