Regulation of Pea Epicotyl Elongation by Blue Light 1: Fluence-Response Relationships and Growth Distribution


Irradiation with blue light causes a rapid decrease in stem elongation in Pisum sativum. Growing plants under continuous red light allowed us to study the fluence dependence and spatial distribution of blue-induced growth effects without interference from large changes in the ratio of the far-red absorbing form of phytochrome to total phytochrome. The magnitude of the inhibition generated by a 30-second pulse of blue light was linearly related to the log of the fluence applied over two orders of magnitude. Reciprocity held for irradiations with a pulse length shorter than the lag time for the response. The spatial distribution of inhibition was studied by marking the growing zone and photographing the stem at 10-minute intervals before, during, and after a 1-hour exposure to blue light. The region just below the hook does not undergo any perceptible change in growth rate while growth is nearly 100% inhibited in the base of the third internode.

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