Regulação de florestas eqüiâneas incluindo restrições de adjacência / Regulation of even aged forest, including adjacency restrictions




In a forest planning system, the traditional objectives used for the handling of sustainable productions are replaced by objectives of sustainable handling of the ecosystem. Such replacement indicates that adjacent (close) stands should not be selected to be cut down in the same period. A linear-whole programming model is proposed in order to optimize the tree harvest, including the adjacency restriction. The model was applied in a production area which supplies a plant of vegetal coal production, located in the north region of Minas Gerais. Three scenaries were created: a) model by compartment A with the adjacency restriction; b) model by compartment B with the adjacency restriction; and c) model by compartment C with the adjacency restriction. Models without the adjacency restriction were tested in order to evaluate the validity of the formulation proposed. The models demonstrated to be adequate to prevent adjacent stands from being selected for cutting down in the same period.


manejo florestal regulação florestal programação linear manejo florestal forest management restrições de adjacência forest regulation adjacency restrictions linear programming

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